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Oxycontin is used in the treatment of chronic pain; pain and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesics. There is no proven risk in humans during.

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What is OxyContin 10mg and what are the main effects of the drug?

OxyContin 10 mg is the lowest dose of the drug OxyContin, the brand name of the drug Oxycodone prescribed to treat a person suffering from any kind of pain. The drug attaches itself to opioid receptors in the brain as well as throughout the Central Nervous System (CNS), and before you buy OxyContin online, you must know that intake of OxyContin 10mg or any other dose of OxyContin helps in changing the perception of the person towards the pain he is experiencing. Usually, the main effect of the drug is that it causes the person taking the drug to experience a feeling of euphoria or extreme happiness, and that’s why the drug is highly misused and abused. The other main effect of the drug is development of physical dependence, which means that if the drug is not taken for a long time or intake of the drug is stopped abruptly, the person taking the drug will experience withdrawal symptoms.

How does OxyContin 10mg help in getting a person high and what are its other side effects?

You already know that Oxycontin 10mg is the lowest possible dose of the drug OxyContin and is prescribed to people suffering from any kind of pain, ranging from moderate to severe. That’s why it is important to buy OxyContin online because if the drug is bought online, then it comes with a prescribed dose and prescription. In case you’re wondering that why we’re telling you about the importance of buying the drug online, let us remind you that the drug falls in the category of opioid drug, which means that if the prescribed dose is taken even after the pain for which it was prescribed has gone away, the person taking the drug will gradually start depending on it for his survival and will get addicted to it. In short, if a person wants to get an extra dose of the drug, he may snort it, crush it, dissolve it in water, or inject it. This not only leads to the person indulging in all these activities to get high but also leads to the occurrence of overdose of the drug.

Is OxyContin 10mg a blood thinner?

Before we start talking about OxyContin 10mg is a blood thinner or not and why is it necessary to buy OxyContin online, you must know that what is a blood thinner? Basically, a blood thinner is a medicine that prevents the formation of blood clots, and it can also prevent existing blood clots from getting bigger. The lack of new blood clots or the enlargement of blood clots leads to strokes and heart attacks. Now coming back to the question of whether the drug is a blood thinner or not, the answer is no.



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