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Levitra is one of the brand names of the drug Vardenafil and one of the medications available for people to buy online to treat erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can sometimes play an important part in sexual activity, so it’s important to understand how a drug you take for erectile dysfunction can interact with alcohol. Therefore, it is important to know about the interaction of the two.

Interaction of Levitra and alcohol

As we already told you that when you buy Levitra online, you’re buying a drug prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We also told you that how alcohol can sometimes play a part in sexual activity. Therefore, men who first started the intake of Levitra were advised to avoid drinking alcohol while taking the drug. But today, several medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are meant to be taken with alcohol. In general, Levitra is considered safe to be taken with alcohol. Studies have proved that there are no hazardous consequences of taking the two together.

Safety considerations

Before you buy Levitra online and think that taking the drug with alcohol is completely harmless, think again because the intake of the drug and alcohol together can lead to the increase of the side effects of the drug. Serious side effects are rare but there are bright chances of their occurrence, and some can be sudden and dangerous. The effects of the combination include symptoms like loss of vision, heart attack, and sudden death. Another reason to avoid the intake of alcohol with the drug is that alcohol can sometimes cause a problem for people having erectile dysfunction.

Possible interactions with Levitra

By now you must have known almost everything you had to know about Levitra and why it is important to buy it online, which is because although it’s generally safe to be taken with alcohol, the drug does not gel well with certain medications and other products. It’s important to discuss all the medications and products you’re taking with your health expert before you start the intake of the drug.

Certain prescribed and non-prescribed medications can interact with the drug and even cause a dangerous increase in the effects of the medications.

Other products that may interact with Levitra include:-

  • Herbal products:- If you’re taking any supplements or herbs, make sure that you consult a health expert before taking Levitra.
  • Grapefruit juice:- Don’t drink grapefruit juice if you’re already taking Levitra. It can increase the amount of the presence of the drug in the body and cause harmful side effects.
  • High-fat meals:- Taking Levitra with a high-fat meal can make the drug less effective than it was before.
  • Tobacco:- Consult your health expert if you smoke. Smoking may worsen erectile dysfunction and end up making Levitra less effective.

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